REVSquared B2B Sales Agency

We Are Great At

• Identifying and fixing immediate sales challenges that are impacting your bottom line

• Understanding your organization’s short and long-term strategic goals and implementing sales solutions to support those goals

• Completing tasks with excellence and efficiency

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Company Size:

1 - 10

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North America

Who We Are

REVSquared B2B Sales Agency is a fractional sales management provider. Founded by Ruth van Vierzen, the company has worked for B2B clients in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, food and beverage, engineering, construction and SaaS.

Many C-Suite executives are wearing too many hats, including sales. Through her fractional sales services, Ruth temporarily wears the sales management hat and implements sales infrastructure that will support your company’s revenue needs.

What We Do

REVSquared implements processes and sales tech to support your sales reps so they can sell with confidence. Think prospecting, lead gen flow, onboarding and follow-up. Processes available cover the full sales cycle and are delivered on an as-needed basis. For example, if prospecting is going well but sales meetings aren’t converting to new sales, REVSquared fixes that.

Not sure which sales gaps are priorities? No worries. Ruth’s Sales Roadmap Session™ will answer that.

  • Sales Process Implementation
  • Sales Tech Implementation (CRM, lead generation)
  • Sales Rep Coaching and Training
  • Exhibitor Advantage (trade show sales program)
  • FailProof Sales Program
  • Sales Talent Assessments
  • Sales and Marketing Planning

Executive Profiles

Ruth-van-Vierzen-Enabling-Ideas® Ruth van Vierzen

Fractional B2B Executive
(705) 772-2443

Why Hire Us

As a fractional sales leader, I will work temporarily as a member of your team. This means that I will be thinking of your business and treating it like it’s my own. This level of ownership and accountability indicates how seriously I take my work for you. The work I do will improve your sales operations and outcomes. But you should only hire me if you truly believe that the sales department needs to be a central function of your business. Because without adequate sales, there is no business.


Ruth van Vierzen

(705) 772-2443

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