Ruth van Vierzen

Fractional B2B Executive


The Best There Is At

Understanding your business goals and how to structure a tech-based, people-centric sales department that will serve your company’s goal achievement.

Sales process and rep coaching.

Using my strong interpersonal skills to develop productive working relationships quickly with your team.

How I Became An Expert

I have worked in business development for over 20 years with start-ups to mature companies in a wide range of B2B and B2C industries. I prefer a “roll-up my sleeves” and get the work done approach to serving my clients. Over the years, I frequently saw a lack of structure in sales departments that was compounded by not enough in-house resources to develop this critical business foundation. I gradually turned my attention almost exclusively to sales management for my clients.


I have served clients across a wide range of industries and sales challenges. Some didn’t have a formal sales department and needed structure to support sales reps. Others weren’t seeing a high ROI on expensive lead gen because there was no process to pursue the leads. I have migrated clients from a mix of outdated tools to integrated sales technology that improves efficiency and helps sales reps succeed. I also deliver sales talent assessments that support better hiring and promotions.

  • B2B Sales Management
  • Sales Process Implementation
  • Sales Rep Coaching
  • Sales Team Training
  • Trade Show Sales Strategy
  • Business Writing and Content for Sales
  • Marketing Collateral to Support Sales
  • Advanced Sales Tech


Bachelor in Public Policy York University


Why Hire Me?

In short, I get sales stuff done. Not just stuff, but focussed sales activities. Owner lead sales are not sustainable. And many sales reps fail to achieve their full potential because they lack the essential processes to sell more. Dedicated sales reps are eager to perform better…but they need more structure. Consider processes your starting point in the sales department for higher productivity, better quality data collection, better sales team meetings and an overall stronger sales culture.

Contact Me

North Bay, ON Canada

(705) 772-2443