The Solution You Need to Mobilize Results

Our solution modules make it easy, whether you’re launching a new initiative or fixing a current problem.

Trying to overcome a management, growth or workflow challenge? Enabling ideas® can help you design and execute a solution.

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Where do you need the most help? Management? Growth? Workflow?
  • Within this area, what issue is keeping you up at night?
  • Choose the solution module that matches your pain point.

That’s it. Say good-bye to costly and complicated consulting engagements. Once you’ve got a solution in place to address your most pressing issue, tackle the next and then the next by simply piecing our solution modules together one at a time as you go. They work like building blocks.


Management Issues

Transformation and Re-tooling
Financial Achievement
Governance and Measuring
Risk Management

Growth Issues

Customer Insight and Engagement
New Market or Product Launch
Winning Market Share

Workflow Issues

Culture, Team and Empowerment
Agile Workforce Model
Performance Compensation
Organizational Design and Alignment
Assets and Capabilities Implementation
Real Estate
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Jump start your project plan with a couple of clicks. Just answer a few questions and in a few short minutes… you will have a custom suggested solution design.

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Dealing with more than one pain point?

Create a Custom Stack solution

Sometimes solving a business challenge will re-quire a solution to more than one issue. When it does, a custom stack is the way to go. It’s a group of two or more of our solution design modules, linked together to create a custom stack solution.

  • Start with the module tackling your single most pressing issue.
  • Link additional modules for any interconnecting functions you need aligned.
  • Add subject matter, technical or sector experts to for a cus-tom fit solution team.
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Don’t have the resources in-house?

Hire a Fractional Management & Implementation Team

You have a business issue but you don’t have the re-sources, people, or capabilities to put the recommenda-tions and solution into action. Overcome the obstacle by putting a fractional management or executional project team in place, led by an enabling ideas® expert.

  • No Upfront Investment
  • Totally Flexible
  • Unparalleled Access to Experts
  • Multi-Disciplinary Teams
  • Get Started Right Away
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