Web portal Publishing Terms and Conditions

Publishing: Included among the Member Partner features and benefits is the Entitlement to publish content (e.g. articles, videos, work cases and events) to the web portal. Any content published by a Member Partner to the web portal must conform to enabling ideas® publishing specifications, including; (i) all design and display specifications, (ii) be original content written by a Member Partner and to which a Member Partner has copyright, (iii) is not co-written by, or include an explicit or implicit endorsement of, a Company / Organization that is not also a Member Partner, (iv) is not a re-share of a 3rd party’s content and (v) in the case of publishing an event, must be a Member Partner’s own event or where a Member Partner is a Sponsor or Presenter. Publishing content to the web portal is at the sole discretion of enabling ideas®. We reserve the exclusive right to evaluate Member Partner content for suitability and accept or reject content to the web portal.

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