Linden Digital Marketing

We Are Great At

At the core of our mission lies an unyielding passion for guiding clients toward discovering their distinct voice and space within the digital landscape. We focus on unraveling the authentic identity of each client and translating that essence into a compelling digital presence.

Type of Professional Service:

Digital Marketing

Company Size:

11 - 50

Service Reach:

North America

Who We Are

Linden Digital Marketing was founded in 2018 by Lindsay Connelly. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Lindsay has developed a dynamic team dedicated to the growth and vibrant success of our clients.  

Our philosophy is embodied by the Linden tree. Just as the roots of this tree run deep, so does our commitment to ensuring your business has a strong foundation as well as a carefully constructed plan for growth and a canopy to flourish.

What We Do

We view each business as a distinct ecosystem and aim to understand its individual characteristics. We specialize in providing tailored digital marketing services designed to guide businesses through every stage of growth. Our service packages are simple yet comprehensive, offering flexibility in the different tactics we use when approaching your unique brand and goals for advancement.

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Meta Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Google Ads
  • Logo/Branding Design

Why Hire Us

We excel at cultivating your business’s competitive edge in the digital realm. Our objective is to help your business stand out amidst the forest of competition. By fostering robust marketing routes and implementing growth strategies, we ensure your business thrives. From complete data and pricing transparency to dedication to building strong, personal relationships with our clients, we are here for you!


Lindsay Connelly

President & Founder

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Headquartered in Rochester, NY

(860) 550-5343