Tap-In Marketing - Feb 14, 2022

Promote your content more than once. Here’s why.

Does your company produce a piece of content, promote it once on your social media channels and then move on?

Don’t make this mistake anymore.

Get more bang for your content buck, by promoting it more than once. Here’s why:

  1. Not everyone who follows your social media channels, is on social media every day. Therefore, if you only promote your content once they may miss it.
  2. Some of your followers could be in different time zones. If you only promote your content once, they may miss it in their feed.
  3. New followers of your social media channels won’t have seen any of your older social media posts. Repromoting older content pieces will correct this.
  4. Repromoting older posts puts your content in front of more eyeballs which can drive (a) more awareness of your expertise, (b) shares of your content, and (c) traffic to your website, enhancing your SEO efforts and potentially your website’s search ranking on Google.
  5. Repromoting old content will save your company time because you won’t have to create as much new content every week.

Need assistance deciding which content your company should repromote on your social media channels? Hire Tap-In Marketing to conduct an audit of your current content pieces. Contact Mike Friskney to learn more.


Photo Credit: John Stocker