enabling ideas® - Feb 7, 2022

Congratulations! You have now graduated a Sales Champion

The Client:

A multi-national consumer products company.

The Ask:

Help us transform our Sales Management into a dynamic high performance team. 

The Reveal:

The company sales performance although generally acceptable has been coming under increasing scrutiny from the international head office and the Country Head was looking to regenerate a stagnating  team.

Our discovery and analysis of Sales Managers practices and activities revealed Sales Management had slid into a culture of solely account service (largely order processing) with little proactive opportunity selling.  Their strong and desirable brand  caused the team to become complacent at the same time as corporate supply chain constraints caused the team to become defeatist.

The Solution:

enabling ideas® led their National and Channel Sales Managers through the re-imagination and design of what a ‘Sales Champion’ role and team could and should be. And provide a custom curriculum to train the Managers on the capabilities.

The training and development curriculum was holistic including  team design, culture development, market gap analysis, opportunity mapping, work plans and time management, alignment, performance measurement and monitoring, all woven into sales skill training.

A training manual of exercises, tools and templates was produced for team reference and for the professional development of new additions.

The Impact:

The team culture was re-cast, some team members excelled and those that remained stuck in the pre-transformation state were revealed and replaced, new market and sales opportunities were identified and now being pursued and sales performance has risen overcoming the impact of the pandemic.

Best in class, working with Best in class. 

enabling ideas® and our Expert Partners work with some of the most prominent companies and organizations across North America