Canadian Viewpoint - Nov 16, 2019

Your Plain Language Guide to In-Home Product and Package Tests

Do you know whether frozen turkeys, beer, or fresh salads can take advantage of the In-Home Usage Test methodology? (Yes, they all can!)

Or when to use an IHUT vs Cental Location Testing?

Or how many extra products to request when you’re running an IHUT?

As with most research methodologies, a lot of details go into making a project successful. That includes knowing both the advantages and disadvantages of each potential methodology. It includes knowing the basic processes, the current trends, and all the nitty gritty details of project management and production.

To help you plan a bit better and feel more comfortable with launching IHUTs, product tests, and package tests, we’ve created “Your Plain Language Guide to Product and Package Testing.”

And when you are ready to get into the nitty gritty details, feel free to ask us anything! We’ve tested fresh, frozen, and fragile products all across Canada and can help you conduct a successful product test.

We are your Canadian product test experts!