enabling ideas® - Feb 4, 2020

Mobilizing-Wise: Practical Tips for Getting Results

When we can, means never will!

When planning any initiative outside your normal daily or weekly workflow, the first order of business to mobilizing a successful outcome is to ‘find time’ by eliminating low value activities from your team’s routine.

Most companies can’t afford to hire additional people to take on a strategic initiative and thus they tend to be add-ons to an existing team’s already busy schedule. New initiatives planned as add-ons to someone’s work too often become ‘When I can’ which often means ‘never will’ as the urgencies of normal workflow and activity habits get in the way.

The first exercise in many of our Mobilizing Results™ Modules is to reveal and eliminate low value actions from the team’s regular routine. It starts with 3 simple questions put to each individual to ask themselves about their daily tasks keeping them busy; (1) What is the purpose in what I am doing, (2) Am I spending time on the right things (for achieving company objectives) and (3) Or am I doing what I am doing because we have always done it this way? It seems crazy but more often than you might believe, people can’t answer these questions.

Regardless of industry, company, team or individual there is one universal truth to organizational achievement. There is limited time in each day and unlimited choices in how we spend our time. Mobilizing success begins with choosing wisely.

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