enabling ideas® - Nov 29, 2021

It’s a new ESG era. Say ‘hello’ to a new investment product.

The Client:

A scaling up Investment Products & Asset Management company. 

The Ask:

Help us develop a marketing plan to launch our new investment fund. 

The Reveal:

The company has a long successful history of high performing Limited Partnership (LP) Investments. Ready to make the leap to a new level, the company was seeking to scale up their Assets Under Management (AUM) and expand their business into new retail and institutional investor market segments.

Although the company has a well tuned business development and personal selling process, their marketing capabilities, foundation and presence from which to execute a product launch was non-existent. 

The Solution:

enabling ideas® led the Leadership through a custom stack solution of our Marketing and New Market & New Product Launch solution modules.

But with the company having little internal marketing capabilities, to get the strategy and plan just right and the needed foundation in place quickly, enabling ideas® also supplied the company a Fractional Marketing team with our Community of Experts Partners Digital Chaos Inc., The Unmarketing Group, Tap-in Marketing Mike Friskney and IBC Consultants. 

Supplied was a fractional CMO, Research associates, Website design & development expert, Digital marketing expert and Content and copywriting expert to contribute to the plan and also help get the foundation built with a new website, social media profile structure and integration of marketing automation and sales documents.

The Impact:

The scaling up has begun at an aggressive pace with the marketing sales funnel firing at all levels. There’ been a lift in new social followers, a jump in web site visits and new investment  growth. 

Best in class, working with Best in class. 

enabling ideas® and our Expert Partners work with some of the most prominent companies and organizations across North America.