enabling ideas® - Dec 8, 2021

I want a divorce. I didn’t get what you promised in this marriage.

The Client:

A multi-national consumer hard-goods manufacturer. 

The Ask:

Help us divert a merger disaster.

The Reveal:

The company acquired a key competitor that included, among its sales distribution, a corporate branded retail franchise chain. This franchise chain was a highly successful marketing and sales stream for the original company but completely foreign to the acquiring company. With performance tanking, the franchise owners threatened to re-brand on-mass, meaning the entire channel and all its sales would go to another competitor. The President needed to fix the company’s inability to support this operation and quickly. 

Although the Executives were not experienced in running a franchise operation, enabling ideas® performance exploration revealed that capabilities wasn’t the issue but entrenched historical conflicting attitudes and beliefs were. 

The Solution:

enabling ideas®  began by leading the company’s corporate finance group through our Financial Achievement solution module and a detailed sales channel opportunity analysis. Additionally we stacked on to this work our Customer Insights and Engagement Solution Module   and attitudes, opinions and interests market research. 

The answer to getting these operations improved upon was to re-frame the Executive understanding (and hence motivations and commitment to the sales channel) with financial opportunity clarity and brand impact / consumer expectations clarity. 

The Impact:

Budget allocations and activity priorities were re-balanced reflective of the important strategic value and revenue opportunity of the sales channel. The retail chain remains corporate branded, active an flourishing with the company.

Best in class, working with Best in class. 

enabling ideas® and our Expert Partners work with some of the most prominent companies and organizations across North America.