enabling ideas® - Nov 22, 2021

I’m a Celebrity and I have a Brand. Now All I Need is a Business.

The Client:

An aspiring Media company. 

The Ask:

Help us grow our business. 

The Reveal:

The company had a celebrity, a cool brand, a website, a roster of sponsors to die for and a motivated audience. Testing public interest, the client rented a theatre and hosted a 6 figure red-carpet party attracting hundreds, creating phenomenal buzz and turning a profit.

Although the company had what they believed to be proof of concept, enabling ideas® exploration and analysis revealed they had proof of market interest but not proof of concept.There was not yet a well defined product to sell or an operating infrastructure to deliver. 

The Solution:

enabling ideas® led the Founders through a custom stack solution of our Strategy, New Market  & Product Launch, Financial Achievement and Organization Design and Alignment modules. The exercises performed helped the client design their service offering and how to deliver on it, profitably. 

To help the Client begin operating as a full fledged company and scaling efficiently, we provided the client a Fractional COO and led a team of fractional employees and third party providers. 

The Impact:

A cross pillar media offer structure was created; including a digital media entity, events media entity and TV media entity. The company and assets created were sold to a private investor. 

Best in class, working with Best in class. 

enabling ideas® and our Expert Partners work with some of the most prominent companies and organizations across North America.