enabling ideas® - Jul 1, 2021

Customer Insight & Engagement – GNCC Lunch and Learn

Learn what motivates customers to choose you, and keep choosing you.

Businesses are in a constant battle to both attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of current customers. It may take up to five times longer to attract new customers, so once your customer or brand loyalty is earned, it needs to be kept. Learn how to get and keep new customers, satisfy your loyal ones, and more in this interactive, online Lunch & Learn session.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Tools And Techniques For Not Just Knowing ‘Who’ But Knowing ‘Why’ Your Target Buys
  • Points Of Reality, Opportunities to Engage and Build Advocates
  • Where You Will Lose Customers—and Not Even Know It

Presented by:
Blair Severn, Chairman & Co-Creator, enabling ideas®

Sponsored by YMCA of Niagara