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We Are Great At

Finding talent for startups and emerging businesses. We specialize in sourcing, vetting and selecting talent with the aptitude in working in a startup environment.


Type of Professional Service:

Talent Acquisition/Recruiting

Company Size:

1 - 10

Service Reach:


Who We Are

Viaduct is one of the Aleron group of global workforce and productivity solution companies. At Viaduct we help you build your company’s future. We find, assess, and manage the most important asset, people.

What We Do

Viaduct is a one-stop talent solution for startups and emerging businesses. With our expertise in hiring talent specifically qualified for the startup and emerging business, we deliver the most qualified, motivated, and impactful candidates for your open positions.

We develop innovative hiring and recruitment strategies for specific, markets and job types. We craft compelling employer brands that resonate with your next great hires. And we create an outstanding candidate experience.

  • Executive Search
  • Direct Placement
  • Contract Labour
  • Payrolling/Employer of Record
  • Freelancers & Independent Contractors
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Outsource
  • Outsourcing Partners

Why Hire Us

We seek, we screen, we empower, we handle and we develop. Our team assesses your needs, builds roles and responsibilities, plan compensation, and create a recruiting map for each position. We lead a recruitment process including; active and passive candidate sourcing, pre-qualification support, and selection. Once we turn over all the stones, our teams perform a proprietary talent assessment and screening process to determine startup aptitude and ensure the person is the proper fit for the team.


Pete Petrella

Managing Director
(716) 860-4485

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(716) 860-4485

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