enabling ideas® - Jan 21, 2020

Mobilizing-Wise: Practical Tips for Getting Results

Cut Anchor!

When pursuing a new strategy or when upping your game it’s natural to strategize, plan out and put into action what we are going to now start doing new and differently. But just as important, is to explicitly specify in your plans and suspend what you should ‘STOP’ doing.

It’s partly a focus issue, partly a bandwidth and reallocation of resources necessity, which must be well thought through, to prevent organizational conflict with time and attention.

But most critical to getting results is how this will send a clear cultural and behavioural message to your team about where the organization is now heading. Without a formal commitment, demonstrated through the conspicuous stopping of activities, we are too easily drawn back into the comfort of what we know about how things are done around here. New actions and new behaviours never materialize while we continue with current actions and behaviours.

And by the way, this means ‘Leadership first’, before you ask it of your team.

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