enabling ideas® - Feb 9, 2021

THINK TANK rewind – Breaking Through Decision Bias

In this episode, decision bias stems from our most basic human biases and can have a profound impact on the success of our decisions – good and bad. Our expert panel expand on some of the root causes of decision bias and how at an organization level, and personal level we can overcome it.

Blair Severn – Chairman, enabling ideas®

Heather Galt, MBA – VP Marketing, P&P Optica & Startup Growth Coach

Glen Drummond – Chief Innovation Officer, Quarry & Founder Post Carbon Pathfinders Ltd.

Johan Klarin – Program Development Manager, Columbia Technology Ventures

enabling ideas® - Jan 26, 2021

Think Tank Live – Breaking Through Decision Bias

January 27th, 2021
Location: Livestream, Online

Have you considered how your company’s decisions may be tainted (not in a good way) by your norms, who’sparticipating, lack of diversity and even authority opinions and experts. Our experts will explore what to look out for.