enabling ideas® - Aug 20, 2020

Generating Lead Flow & Making Sales in a Social Distancing Environment – Workshop

Stacking Up In A New Way. Our specially assembled multi-field ‘suite of agencies’ team help you re-imagine your revenue engine activities and guide you through building a playbook for the new normal. Click each link to take you directly to each session.

Re-imagining and re-tooling your growth engine with Blair Severn – Chairman enabling ideas®

Using design thinking to develop new rituals with Micheal Plater Findlay, Founder Superposition

Re-examining insights and adapting brand strategy and assets with Tessa Westermeyer – Executive Creative Director, Consultant

Know your buyers Psychology with Jason Zweig, Vice President Canadian Viewpoint

Re-thinking your brand storytelling and sales messaging with Mike Friskney – Founder Tap-In Marketing

Visibility, sales flow and client engagement during disruption with Norm Clare – Founder The Unmarking Group

Adapting on the go, keeping the sale and Customer with Tony Lew Co-founder InsurTechNY