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No. The Market Tester™ has been designed by professional Research Experts so you don’t need any special market research knowledge or capabilities. You can set up your professionally designed test in minutes, with convenient online entry fields and drop-down menus.
The Market Tester™ accepts either text or graphic / image material. Simply type-in or cut-paste your text material into the provided entry fields. Or simply upload your graphic / image file into the provided upload fields. The Market Tester™ allows for file uploads in JPG format and a maximum file size of 3MB.
No. The Market Tester™ is designed to uncover insights through comparative analysis techniques and scores Consumers’ preferences among alternatives on a variety of measures. In order to produce the Test outputs, a minimum of 2 comparatives are needed to be evaluated by your Consumer Panel.
The Market Tester™ collects and scores a comprehensive pre-set arrangement of data points, common in Consumer market research. The Market Tester™ allows you to moderately target your Consumer Panel as well as add-on optional Test questions. For situations with special research requirements contact us to arrange for a quote on a custom designed made-to-order market research solution.
We’re here to help! If you need guidance with how best to use The Market Tester™ to serve your Consumer Research need or help to set up your Market Test contact us. We’ll get in touch with you immediately.


Your Market Tester™ entries, selections and uploads configures and engages a set of exercises and survey questions presented online to a Consumer Panel that is assembled specially for your Market Test. Responses are recorded and then arranged into a comprehensive package of mapping, graph, data and text outputs. Your outputs package is emailed directly to your inbox.
Your Panelists are assembled from an opt-in, validated, profiled and (PIPEDA) Consumer Panel population of over 300,000 Canadians and / or 1 Million Americans according to your Test country selection. All Market Tester™ respondents pass through Imperium’s Relevant ID® ensuring the highest quality data. Your panelists are randomly selected from the Panel population and then filtered through qualifying screening to match any refining demographic criteria you have specified for your Test.
Currently The Market Tester™ allows for Consumer Panels to be assembled from Canada or the United States. Stay tuned for updates as we make available Panels from additional countries.
Currently The Market Tester™ allows for Tests to be performed in English only. Stay tuned for updates as we make available Panels and Tests to be performed in additional languages.
The Market Tester™ has been designed as a ‘general population’ Test to generate diverse unbiased feedback. You can tailor your Market Test Consumer Panel by choosing 2 demographic options from region, gender, age, education or income. A Test directed at a specific narrow target segment requires an additional level of outreach and screening that can be arranged with a custom solution. Contact us for a quote on a custom solution.
The Market Tester™ collects and records multiple data points including; (i) higher and lower, most to least and comparative ranking numeric scale scores and (ii) positive / negative highlighting of specific elements from among the alternative versions you show your Consumer Panel. With optional add-on questions The Market Tester™ also collects more or less likely behavioral numeric scale scores and complete text Consumer responses.


No. The Market Tester™ has been designed to provide visual and numeric outputs that don’t require any special market research knowledge or capabilities to understand the results. The results are tabulated and insights made obvious through heat map, text highlight, graphs, numeric tables and written text outputs.
No. The Market Tester™ has been designed to provide outputs in commonly used file formats including PDF and Microsoft Excel.
Consumer Panels are not probability samples therefore no statistical confidence or margin of error can be associated with the Test results.
Your outputs package will be sent to your email address that you entered into The Market Tester™ set up field. Your outputs package will arrive in your inbox in most cases in 7 business days or less.
If your outputs package has not arrived when expected, first check to see if your email filter inadvertently directed your package into your spam folder. If it still hasn’t arrived contact us and we will get in touch with you immediately.
We’re here to help! Enabling ideas® has a comprehensive set of Mobilizing Results™ Solution Modules if you need help with a solution to an insight revealed by your Test results. Contact us and we’ll get in touch with you immediately.


The price of your Market Test depends on the selections you choose for your Test. Available options impacting price include the number of alternative versions you are testing, the size of your Consumer Panel you choose and any add-on questions. HST or GST and PST taxes are in addition to The Market Tester™ pricing and are charged where applicable.
Available options and pricing details

You pay conveniently online by credit card or by debit card when submitting for your Market Test. Our 3rd Party payment processor accepts most major credit cards including; Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB. Our payment processor also accepts Visa and Mastercard co-branded debit cards.
A cancellation / refund or change request to your submitted and paid Market Test will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with no express or implied guarantee your cancellation, refund or change request will be granted. To cancel or change your Market Test your request will need to have been received by us and we have been able to cancel your Market Test submission before your Test programming and Consumer Panel assembly has started.


Upon completing your Market Test submission you are directed to a 3rd Party secure and PCI compliant payment processor with end-to-end encryption. No customer credit or debit card information is captured or retained by The Market Tester™ or enabling ideas®.

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