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Toronto Marketing Community


To provide those employed in the Toronto marketing industry with opportunities to exchange insights, perspectives, information and ideas about marketing best practices, trends and developments; their companies; and themselves.


The Toronto Marketing Community consists of 19,000+ members.

The membership is diverse with roles ranging from marketing managers, strategists, account managers and creatives to developers, programmers, media planners & buyers and more.

Approximately 58% of the members are senior-level marketers.

What we do

The aim of the Toronto Marketing Community is to facilitate avenues which members can leverage to broaden their knowledge, strengthen their marketing expertise, put forth ideas and expand their circle of contacts.

  • Networking
  • Education
  • Events
  • Special Group Promotions

Why join us

To be enlightened, share your take, spark thought and forge new connections.


Mike Friskney

Community Manager
(905) 895-8979

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431 Mathews Court,
Newmarket, Ontario

(905) 895-8979