Playce Studio Ltd.

We Are Great At

Empowering communities to discover possibilities for themselves, through creative team building and organizational development games. PLAYCE is designed to support stakeholders, and the public in solving challenging problems collaboratively and creatively, from a space of authenticity and empathy.

Type of Professional Service:

Community Development

Company Size:

1 - 10

Service Reach:

Virtually we are able to service a North American geographic reach. In-person we are able to service the Great Lakes Region.

Who We Are

PLAYCE is an approach to community place-making with unique tools to bring community engagement to an entirely new level – all through the process of play. Users are invited to be collaborative problem solvers from the onset of the process by becoming active participants in site analysis. Stakeholders become community champions, ideas move to consensus sooner and concepts are tried on for size early, ensuring greater future success.

What We Do

Most simply put, PLAYCE is a novel, place-making methodology that utilizes public engagement to build consensus through creativity, collaboration and community empowerment. Where PLAYCE truly differentiates itself as an approach is in the intricacies of the methods used to incite and draw out the strongest responses from the public. Play, in and of itself, is the backbone of these methods – proving the perfect context for driving consensus among a group.

  • Community participation during any stage of the design process
  • Workshops for community empowerment, idea generation or project development
  • Comprehensive planning, strategic initiatives and implementation planning

Our Clients

Picture Main Street, Village of Williamsville, NY
Comprehensive plan for 2050, Genesee County, NY
Regional Parks Master Planning, Erie, PA
Brownfield Redevelopment Opportunities, Jamestown, NY
Waterfront Redevelopment Opportunities, Gowanda, NY
Neighborhood Park re-imagining, Buffalo, NY

Why Hire Us

Our firm’s body of work has proven that approaching a visioning process in this nontraditional fashion is an excellent way to interact with users. Through
play, people young and old approach all tasks very differently. Play, in the context of visioning, has become our primary method when seeking creative ideas, building relationships and inspiring imagination for the future of any place.  Creating the context for meaningful play is what makes PLAYCE such a powerful design tool.


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