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Desa Analytics combines 10 years of analytics expertise, from its Founder, with a track record of creating $18MM+ in revenue growth and risk mitigation for companies. We leverage our niche approach to analytics to help clients in diverse sectors such as Manufacturing, Asset Management, and Banking.

Type of Professional Service:

Data Analytics Consulting

Company Size:

1 - 10

Service Reach:

North America

Who We Are

Desa Analytics is a Canadian data analytics consultancy helping small and medium sized companies gain a deeper understanding of their customer data. We leverage our analytical expertise, combined with our unique Desa approach, to help our clients identify revenue growth and risk mitigation opportunities through their data.

What We Do

Starter Package: Assessing the current state of our clients’ business and designing custom dashboards to track KPI’s that aid in growth strategies.

Accelerator Package: Simple business modelling for clients that need forward-looking assessments of key areas, such as sales growth, to assess new project risk and opportunities.

Desa Package: Enhanced business modelling, using AI, for business problems that are highly complex and nuanced to provide deeper insights of their business.

  • Dashboard Reporting Analytics
  • Predictive Business Modelling
  • Cloud Storage

Why Hire Us

Desa Analytics is a premier analytics consultancy because we utilize approachable AI to solve business problems for clients. This, combined with our Desa approach, is how we leveraged 10 years of analytics expertise delivering $18MM+ in revenue growth and risk mitigation for companies across diverse sectors. The best part is that our packages are more cost-effective than if our clients hired a data analyst so they are saving money and creating analytical value with us every step of the way.


Joseph Galea

Founder and CEO
(416) 434-6479

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North Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(416) 434-6479