Helping small boutique consulting firm owners accelerate their business to the next level through the power of the CoSolo community.


CoSolo is an exclusive community of fellow consulting firm owners formed to leverage each other’s experience and knowledge. We connect you with the right people and provide the environment and structure with the singular goal of helping you achieve your independent consulting business goals.

What we do

We are a 100% virtual community exclusive for top consultants, where we provide them with:

  • Team: You are assigned to a team of 4 to 5 other consultants doing similar work as you, who meet on a weekly basis for peer coaching and accountability sessions.
  • Community: Interact with other consultants beyond your team, get and give feedback.
  • Activities: Participate in various community-based activities such as monthly expert webinars from top consultants, daily 3x super focus hours, happy hours, book club and more.
  • Accelerate consulting business to the next level

Why join us

Peer Coaching / Sounding Board: It’s risky going to a prospect before testing your proposal with people you can trust for honest feedback. CoSolo members practice their pitch, get feedback and test ideas with fellow consultants. Accountability: 95% of the consultants we talk to say staying focused is the ultimate struggle in reaching the next level. As a CoSolo member, your peers and facilitator hold you accountable to stay focused on highest-leverage actions. Actionable Knowledge: At CoSolo, you learn from both peers and experts practical things you can put into action.


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