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A driver for technology as a solution provider, I offer dynamic leadership ability to re-envision business solutions and revolutionize technology deployment that achieves impactful change across the company footprint.





How I Became An Expert

Working hard to experiment and take calculated risks. From being a founder of a startup to being part of a global logistics team managing international containers. Working hands-on in the Oil Fields of Deer Park to ride along with drivers to understand the “Problem”. My experience is 1 part domain expertise and 1 part solutions architect = SavyCraft.



I have a Product and Systems thinking mindset in many business domains. Experienced in building platforms for supply chains, B2B, B2C, and telemedicine business models.   I stay up to speed on industry trends and threats to organizations’ value propositions by actively teaching at the University of Buffalo, as a founder of a startup, and building platforms from the ground up. Access to industry experts from Blockchain to data science researchers across the world.



  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Business Transformation


MBA University of Buffalo


Why Hire Me?

The ability to see that technology is a tool in business and applying “Right fit tech” in mini experiments allows firms to de-risk their investment and understand the impact on the business. I focus on “Product and Systems thinking first”. What is the problem we are solving, and what does the market have to solve it? If the problem is not available in the market, we move to build solutions that align directly with the Customer value proposition

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640 Ellicott
Buffalo, NY 14203

(716) 400-1895