Zak Baird


Web Applications Architect

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Interpreting each client’s individual vision into a streamlined web presence, Zak Baird is intensely focused on creating intuitive design elements with responsive applications that enhance his client’s digital marketing strategy, including web server management via Zak’s full-service studio.

How I Became An Expert

Zak has been passionate about multi-media design since programming his first video game as a teen. Graduating Ryerson University in Graphic Communications Management and New Media Design, Zak understood the need for web development solutions that would move with the pace of technology. Zak founded Digital Chaos Inc. web design studio in 1996. Establishing a dynamic team of skilled talent, Digital Chaos has successfully attracted a diverse clientele of both agency contracts and corporate sectors.


Zak Baird’s technical, artistic and leadership experience enables him to act as a catalyst for effective web design, blending front end sensibilities within the context of back-end technical functionality. Key to Zak’s success is his ability to foresee his client’s vision with practical solutions. Establishing a team of skilled front-end UX/UI designers and “full-stack” developers, Digital Chaos excels in website development, WordPress programming, and secure web server management.

  • Digital Project Management
  • Web Application Design


BAA Ryerson University


Why Hire Me?

Zak Baird’s vision for a creative web design studio thrives because Digital Chaos has fostered a competitive edge, keeping pace with the evolution of their medium. Creating intuitive web applications with fluid design, Zak and his team ensure clients have a strategic web presence. Zak works directly with clients to navigate a plan that meets their web and digital marketing goals. Trust and accountability are critical to this company’s success. Digital Chaos’s portfolio speaks for itself.

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42 College Street
Kitchener, ON
N2H 5A1

(416) 921-1417