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Sandra Perez Botero

Fractional Management Executive

Innovation Management and Business Design

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I’m an explorer who identifies “white spaces” for brands and organizations by analyzing trends, competitors, and consumer needs. I’m a pathfinder working hand in hand with partners and clients to recognize patterns and create practical solutions to business challenges. I help teams and organizations to identify insights and build capabilities to grow and thrive.


How I Became An Expert

With an MSc in Chemical Engineering and experience working in prominent FMCG companies in Latin America, I developed a fluid ability to move between strategic and operational, creative and analytical disciplines. While leading cross-functional teams in R&D, marketing, and business design roles, I learned the importance of applying a human-centered approach to create new products and services that improve people’s lives while driving revenue for the companies and shaping society’s well-being. I have led multifunctional teams, collaborating with C-level executives to launch more than 200 new products annually, managing a portfolio of incremental and radical innovation initiatives. Later, I founded a strategy and innovation consultancy firm in Colombia to share my experience and skill set with clients of diverse industries and sectors.


I have significant experience managing the whole cycle of new product development and business design. From strategic alignment and opportunity identification to ideation and concept creation, I help teams and organizations to focus on the right challenges and move projects and initiatives to successful implementation to capture value. I design and facilitate the co-creation spaces to leverage team knowledge and drive results and commitment for implementation.

  • Business Analysis
  • Facilitation
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Consumer Insights / VOC / JTBD
  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Leadership
  • Project Management


MSc Chemical Engineering National University of Colombia. Bogotá Colombia
Chemical Engineering University of America Bogota Colombia
Design Thinking HBS
Disruptive Strategy HBS


Why Hire Me?

As a purpose-driven consultant, I am passionate about helping organizations overcome strategic challenges while generating meaningful value. I specialize in unlocking strategic solutions that drive tangible value, and my approach is grounded in fostering innovation through a purpose-driven lens while promoting organizational learning. Working together empowers your team to thrive in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. Let’s join forces to achieve your organization’s mission and make a real difference.

Contact Me

Thomas White House
Box 791
10535 Islington Avenue
Kleinburg Ontario L0J 1C0

(905) 939-9444