enabling ideas® - Feb 9, 2021

THINK TANK rewind: Breaking Through Decision Bias – enabling ideas®

In this episode

Decision bias stems from our most basic human biases and can have a profound impact on the success of our decisions – good and bad. Our expert panel expand on some of the root causes of decision bias and how at an organization level, and personal level we can overcome it.

  • Blair Severn – Chairman, enabling ideas®
  • Heather Galt, MBA – VP Marketing, P&P Optica & Startup Growth Coach
  • Glen Drummond – Chief Innovation Officer, Quarry & Founder Post Carbon Pathfinders Ltd.
  • Johan Klarin – Program Development Manager, Columbia Technology Ventures
enabling ideas® - Jan 26, 2021

Think Tank Live – Breaking Through Decision Bias

January 27th, 2021
Location: Livestream, Online

Have you considered how your company’s decisions may be tainted (not in a good way) by your norms, who’sparticipating, lack of diversity and even authority opinions and experts. Our experts will explore what to look out for.