Tap-In Marketing - Oct 21, 2020

Boost the Conversion Power of Your Service or Product Pages

The purpose of your website’s service or product pages is to convert visitors into leads or customers.

That’s why, unlike blog post content whose job is to educate and inform visitors, the role of your service or product pages is to sell visitors on why your solution best meets their needs.

How can you tell how well your service or product pages have been designed and written for conversion?

By putting your pages through this 5-point Conversion Power Checkup.

Analyze each page by asking the following questions:

  1. Are the benefits of the product or service clearly stated?
  2. Are the top questions that a visitor would have being answered?
  3. Is there evidence provided to support any claims being made? (i.e. testimonials, endorsements, stats, research, case study, etc.)
  4. Is there a clear call to action?
  5. Does this page feature more than just text? i.e. customer testimonials, graphics, video testimonials?

If you find your service or product pages are lacking in any of these areas, then you can improve their ability to convert by addressing these shortcomings.

And one last thing….once you’re done fine-tuning the convertibility of your service or product pages, set up tracking tags on the relevant form submission or purchase buttons so you can then see in Google Analytics how often each of your service or product pages is leading to a conversion.

Don’t have time to put your service or product pages through the 5-point Conversion Power Checkup? Tap-In Marketing can do it for you. Contact Mike Friskney to find out more.


Photo Credit: Nicholas Erwin