Have Points. Will Travel…

Anyone that knows me, knows I love to travel. I mean, who doesn’t!? But it’s really all I think about outside of work. Even when I’m supposed to be sleeping, it’s there.

I love having a trip booked or on my radar. I love being on an airplane. I love a morning mimosa and my mandatory airport Starbucks cappuccino. And I love hotels! Preferably where there is fresh ocean or mountain air…or an amazing city to explore…ok, so pretty much anywhere, lol.

Through my years in corporate, traveling almost every other week, I managed to rack up a ton of points either through travel or through using my airline affiliate credit card to pay for everything. I’ve been doing this for many years so imagine how shocked I was to realize, not too long ago, that some people don’t quite understand or take advantage of the world of travel rewards and what you can get from it. If that’s you, we should chat 😉

Being savvy with travel has allowed me to have some of the best and most comfortable experiences while traveling. I make sure I find flights with the best/latest seating configuration and the best opportunity for an upgrade (airline status is a whole other topic). Not only do I manage to fly business class in a lie flat seat most of my flights, I’ve also used my points for car rentals, like the BMW I had for 9 days this past winter while visiting Whistler, Tofino and Vancouver. Nothing like driving through the mountains on a sunny, winter day in a brand new luxury car, that you barely paid for. 

I just returned from my fourth trip this year and I believe I only paid for one of those segments, which may have been the only time I flew in economy this year. Knowing how to earn and maximize travel points is definitely not a useless skill. In fact, in my concierge world, there’s no such thing as a useless skill!