Gravity Consulting - Mar 10, 2020

How to Improve the Finances of Your Creative Agency

You are a creative expert; that’s why you own your own creative agency. But dedicated as you are, it’s not your considerable expertise in your field that’s going to make your agency a success and keep it that way. It’s the profitability of the business that does that, and profitability significantly depends on managing certain numbers, or key performance indicators. These are the different types of measurements that keep track of how the business is doing and warn you when you need to make adjustments.

This booklet is designed for you—a business owner—in a creative agency, which includes marketing, branding, and design agencies but also architectural services. You know there does not need to be a conflict between creating great design and running a profitable business. But you might not know how to work the financial side of running a creative agency, or you might prefer not to be intimately involved with that side of things.