Canadian Viewpoint - Dec 5, 2019

Canadian Viewpoint Inc. launches OmniUber, a customized omnibus solution for quick insights

Canadian Viewpoint has launched OmniUber, a flexible and targeted solution to conduct quick, cost effective, customized studies.

Available in both Canada and the USA, OmniUber uses custom or census-based targets according to client needs to run quick ad tests, incidence tests, quick polls, pitches and proposal research, business development research, story generation, and many other types of research. Studies are fielded on demand, including evenings and weekend, and results are available with 48 to 74 hours.

“It’s become imperative to have reliable insights about a product or service within a couple of days,” says Jason Zweig, Vice President, Canadian Viewpoint Inc. “Businesses can’t always wait a week or more to gather key pieces of information before proceeding with a project. We’re pleased to offer OmniUber, a tool that gives them the speed and value of a traditional omnibus study but with the customization necessary to gather insights about unique target groups.”

OmniUber features sample sizes of 500 to 1500 completes and includes 5 questions plus demographics. Customized crosstabs are available.

Please get in touch to learn more or email us directly.

With nearly 40 years of experience, Canadian Viewpoint is a fieldwork and data collection company that specializes in English and French offline and online services. We offer consumer and medical sample, programming, hosting, mall intercepts, pre-recruits, central location recruitment, mystery shopping, site interviews, IHUTs, sensory testing, discussion boards, CATI, facial coding, and other innovative technologies. Canadian Viewpoint is a founding board member of CRIC (Canadian Research Insights Council), and long-time member of the Insights Association. Follow Canadian Viewpoint on Twitter or LinkedIn.