enabling ideas® - Feb 28, 2020


It takes an Engine (not an Event)!

You’ve set a Vision, Mission, Objectives as the strategy experts say you are supposed to do. You have an emotionally stirring Kick Off event to rally your team as the culture experts say you are supposed to do…and then… it’s reporting time and you haven’t quite met the goal.

According to Dr. Kotter and his research at the Harvard Business School, just 5% of all organizations implement their strategies successfully. The Economist Intelligence Unit found that 61% of Senior Executives report struggling to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation.

Vision, Mission, Objectives are great to point you to where you are trying to get to. Pep rallies are great to make your ambitions and expectations known to your teamBut it is how well you gear up the necessary interfaces among your organizational pillars and align the actions to the outcome you are seeking that will determine if you are among the 5% who implement their strategies successfully.

To mobilize a strategy or initiative successfully, requires a Managing Executive approach the task like designing an engine to generate momentum. What are the piece parts needed, to be linked in what manner, to propel you down the road?

To this end, enabling ideas® has designed our Solution Modules by Management Engine, Growth Engine and Workflow Engine, interlinked and stackable, to align and propel companies and teams into action and results.

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