enabling ideas® - Jun 21, 2024

Game-changing AI Marketing Assistant Content tool for growing your Online presence

enabling ideas® is thrilled to announce our affiliation with Onecliq.io , a game-changing AI Marketing Assistant Content tool for growing your online presence.

As a Venture Acceleration Studio, enabling ideas® is all about fast-tracking the journey for our clients, whether it’s succeeding at your first round of funding or scaling to profitability or reaching for an IPO. Our alliance with this innovative platform adds another tool to our toolbox in doing just that, says Blair Severn, Chairman and CEO, enabling ideas®.

Onecliq gets you farther faster!

  • It writes the copy in your unique voice for social, blogs and emails to go along with your videos.
  • It automatically identifies sharable edits, saving you from complicated editing software. 
  • It can change formatting with one click.
  • And so much more.

And the best part… exclusively by referral through enabling ideas®, you enjoy 50% off any subscription plan through our tools page at this link

“Being backed by enabling ideas® and added to their roster of operations and execution support partners is a huge win for OneCliq. This collaboration really helps us push forward our mission to help brands get their voice out there with an artificially intelligent marketing co-worker. We believe that together, we can level the playing field for small and medium sized businesses who might not have the capacity for large scale content teams” says OneCliq.io’s Co-founder Nathan Knight. “ 


OneCliq.io is your Artificially Intelligent Marketing Co-Worker. This co-worker is equipped with a novel Consumer Insight Engine that analyzes your audience’s behaviour in real time to deeply understand the trends to maximize your content marketing campaigns without the guesswork. The AI will write in your unique voice, automates workflows like email campaigns, blog posts, research, and social media copy, and transforms long videos into shareable content.”

Enabling Ideas® is a venture acceleration studio. We streamline the journey from early stage commercializing to operating income, market expansion and scale. We design business models, help set strategies, build capabilities and position ventures to be highly appealing to investors from pre-seed through elevated rounds of funding.