Guide to Building Your Team: Right People Right Job

Do you have the team you need to grow your business?”

Written by Diana Southall, head of People at Atlas Alignment. this brief guide shares our step-by-step process for you to evaluate employee strengths, pinpoint the cause of performance gaps, and maximize the results of your current team – to get the Right People in the Right Jobs.

You will discover the 3 keys to build a reliable team you trust to run your business on “autopilot”… get you out of daily work, for more focus, freedom and financial rewards.

This guide explains:

✓ What to do first before you can determine if you have the Right People

✓ Three steps to evaluate someone’s Job Fit, so you can maximize the performance of each of your team members

✓ Why your efforts motivating or training a low performer may not be working, and what to do instead

✓ What you need to do first before you can hold people accountable

✓ Why job descriptions are useless, and the 4 main questions to answer for employees to do their best work

✓  The positive step-by-step process to  make sure each person is motivated and excited to work on the right things

Link to download: